The Most Replayable Games To Get Lost In

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We all want the most bang for our buck and games which are rewarding to play certainly offer a great deal of value to the consumer. Some games have branching storylines which go in different directions with each playthrough. Some games have plenty of side missions to backtrack through. Others, such as bingo, are simple in essence but have myriad themes to explore and loyalty rewards to keep them interesting. That’s why we’ve created this article of examples to prove there’s something for everyone in the world of gaming.

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

This stealth sandbox game takes a monumental 50 hours to complete the full campaign, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. The game has three possible endings as well as levels which allow for an enormous amount of experimentation with close to endless methods available to complete each stage. New paths will be found, as well as surprising new stealth routes as the player explores its vast map. General exploration rewards the player with additional story information and helps to give greater depth to the conclusion of the game.


The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Bethesda’s classic fantasy RPG is perhaps the quintessential replayable game with a massive world filled with quests and areas to explore. Playstyles are also plentiful with options ranging from mages, swordsmen, archers and bare-knuckle brawlers. Choices are at the players’ discretion and sides often need to be taken. Without even touching the main quest, players could easily put hundreds of hours into adventuring across Skyrim’s world. There are always opportunities to experiment and caves, towns and taverns remain undiscovered.


Online bingo

Gaming doesn’t always have to involve high-octane action and online bingo sites offer players an opportunity to relax and interact with like-minded people in the friendly atmosphere created by online chat rooms. Bingo’s range and depth come from its vast selection of outcomes as well as certain loyalty reward programs. Paddy Power, for example, offers a rewards club for their loyal online bingo players which includes a free bingo game with cash prizes every Thursday as well as reward points with each game. In tandem with its community emphasis, online bingo games, therefore, offer excitement and entertainment at length in a different way to the other titles in this list.



The now-legendary world-building game of Minecraft has influenced a generation and fulfilled the grand fantasies of every lego fanatic. The game provides an endless amount of building combinations with an emphasis on community as users collaborate to create and enjoy each other’s worlds. Its possibilities are genuinely infinite. Further, it has managed to capture that community spirit we found with online bingo, as it has even led to a giant project which is attempting to recreate the entire earth to scale. This project involves thousands of players and highlights the enduring following the game still has 11 years after its release. Minecraft is the ultimate replayable game.

Games of this ilk can make boredom a thing of the past with an almost endless array of possibilities and outcomes to explore. Whether the action-heavy fast-paced world of Skyrim, the more serene, methodical gameplay of Minecraft, or the simple and fast but beautifully varied options afforded by online bingo, games with incredible depth exist in each and every genre. Gamers are truly spoilt for choice.

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