The Most Valuable Rocket League Items

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Rocket League is a unique multiplayer game. It’s free to play, offers tons of fun, and gives players the option to customize their vehicle. Ever since the game was released in 2015, the developers have been adding more and more items that players can add to their cars.

Today there are many different types of items in Rocket League, including different vehicles, body kits, antennas, decals, paints, banners, boosts, wheels, and much more. As time passed, new items were introduced, while some were only offered for a limited time.

It means that players can’t get those items as a drop or buy them from the store. They need to buy or sell Rocket League items and find people who have those items to get them. These items are very valuable due to their rarity. On the other hand, some items are simply in great demand, making them really expensive.

Regardless of what’s the case, here are some of the most valuable RL items at the moment.


Striker White Apex

These are some of the most outlandish wheels in the game. They have a bright white finish along with a geometrical pattern. The set is similar to the titanium version of these wheels, but these subtle differences make them look much better.

That’s why the Striker White Apex wheels are worth over 80k credits no matter where you find them. On the other hand, the Titanium White Apex set is usually under 40k.


Monstercat Wheels

Monstercat wheels were earned only by players who were first to order the Monstercat edition of greatest hits. With this pre-order, they also earned Monstercat banners and antennas. Monstercat is a label that made the majority of soundtracks in the game.

There’s still some vinyl left, but you won’t get these items because you had to pre-order them. It makes them very rare and expensive. Monstercat wheels are truly unique, and they make fun sounds while playing.


Titanium White Mainframe

That’s one of the most popular decals in the whole game. It’s not the rarest one, but there is such a massive demand for it, with the price hovering around 20k credits. The funny thing about it is that it’s one of the most-growing items in terms of price.

It’s not the most expensive one, but it has increased quite a lot compared to its original price. It has a white frame and circuitry around the decal that make your card look like a computer chip that shines.


Gold Cap

The gold cap is precisely what the name says – a cap for your car. It’s one of the first alpha items in the game and has a lot of history attached to it. It was given to some of the first alpha testers of the game back when the game was being released.

It looks quite outdated and doesn’t fit in on the roof of the car. However, it represents your status in the game. It’s extremely rare and has a story behind it. All of this contributes to its price of 100k credits.


Gold Nugget Antenna

Lots of players don’t like adding antennas on their cars in RL. However, everyone wants to have the Gold Nugget antenna. It’s not about how it looks – it’s about what it represents. Similar to Gold Cap, this item was given to a selected few players who tested the game.

Naturally, this is the rarest antenna in the game and the most expensive one with the price of 19k. It’s very rare and often can’t be found on any market.


Titanium White Dominus

Rocket League has a lot of vehicle options. Each of them is better than the rest in a certain aspect. White Dominus certainly isn’t the most popular vehicle when it comes to competitive gaming. However, it’s one of the prettiest cars in the game with an old American muscle look.

The Titanium White Dominus is no longer available for crafting and can only be traded. It’s one of the best-looking vehicles in the game to this day – even many others came out after it.


Gold Stone

It’s another item that the devs gave to alpha testers of the game. Gold Stone wheels make a lot of people wish they played the game at the very start. Even though they are wheels, Gold Stone is one of the most valuable items today, with the price hovering around 400k.

It means that it costs around $2500! Even though this item is also old, it doesn’t look outdated, and that’s probably why it’s so valuable.


Black Dieci Wheels

These are exotic Dieci wheels and are one of a kind. All the other Dieci wheels are quite common, and they don’t have a high value, but the black version is quite expensive and cool-looking.

They are very rare to find, and this is why their value tops at 25k. Black Dieci are some of the most expensive wheels in the game that are tradeable.


Gold Rush

Gold, gold, gooooold. You know it by now. If you want to be one of the OGs in the game, you have to get this boost. But you will rarely see it in your games, ever. Most players see it during pro matches on live streams. It’s extremely rare and one of the most expensive items in the game.

The regular price ranges around 750k credits which is just a tad under $5,000. Cheap right? Well, this is the price you have to pay to get to the VIP club if you can find this item on the market.

We hope you learned about some of the coolest items in Rocket League. Keep grinding and play tournaments to build your stock so that you can trade for these valuable rarities. If not, get ready to pay up big.


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