The New And Upcoming Games Coming On The ATARI VCS

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The new Atari VCS videogame computer system continues to release new updates as well as an ever-expanding library of games. Most recently, Atari revealed some recently released games as well as some games coming in near future.

The EpiXR Games developed Aery series makes its way onto the system, giving three of its entries; Aery: A Journey Beyond Time, Aery: Broken Memories, and Aery: Sky Castle. These games are available now and give players the opportunity to play as bird-like creatures in separate stories with one key ingredient to bind them, pretty open landscapes to cruise around.

Other available games are Jani Penttinen’s Guntech 2.0 which is a sequel to Guntech and takes fan-favorite features of that game and further expands upon them. Fans of the sports games of the 90s can feel a bit of nostalgia with BATOVI Game Studio’s newly released, Pixel Cup Soccer right now! This game offers simple controls to enable players to dive right into the action with nothing to hold them back.

Now about the upcoming releases, Bite the Bullet is one you should be excited about if you’re a zombie fanatic. Mega Cat Studios’ latest game allows weapon crafting, skill trees, and the chance to kill zombies in this insane-looking RPG shooter. There is no release date for Bite the Bullet but it is available now on Steam.

The Atari VCS games lineup is available to buy online and in-store from Best Buy, GameStop, Micro Center, and the official Atari VCS website.

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