The New HALO Arcade Game Is Now Available

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HALO Arcade Game

Microsoft announced that Halo: Fireteam Raven, an arcade game that takes place in the Halo: Combat Evolved timeline, is now available at all Dave & Busters locations. The arcade game has been previously released in select stores in the country, but it should be widely available all over the United States right now.

Fireteam Raven will also debut at select arcade locations worldwide. The game will launch at Timezone in Sydney this week and will roll out to Melbourne, the Gold Coast, and Perth in August.

The arcade game is set in the timeline of Halo: Combat Evolved and puts players in the role of ODST troopers that make up Fireteam Raven. The game available to play for up to four players and will be housed in a 130-inch 4K screen with four mounted turrets.

Fireteam Raven will also feature Halo Waypoint so players can easily track their scores and redeem rewards. The arcade game was developed by Raw Thrills and Play Mechanic in partnership with Halo’s 343 Industries.

On other Halo news, the next big game in the franchise will be Halo Infinite. During last month’s E3, the developers of the game revealed a trailer of the game’s engine. Halo Infinite is scheduled to release on the Xbox One and PC.


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