The New Mini Gaming Keyboard From Sablute is Incredible

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Mini Gaming Keyboard

Introducing the latest release from Sablute, a new player in the gaming peripheral industry—the Sablute SG 60% BT5.0/2.4G/Type-C RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard (Red Switch). Although the name might be a mouthful, I’ve decided to simplify it and refer to it as the SG Gaming Keyboard, or simply SG for convenience.

The standout feature of the SG Keyboard is its compact size. With a total of 61 keys, it measures approximately 12 inches in length. This compact form factor is ideal for gamers who prefer minimal spacing between keys, while also providing more desk space for other gaming accessories.

Offering both wired and wireless connectivity, the keyboard boasts a versatile range of options. It is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, enabling seamless wireless connections, as well as a 2.4GHz wireless mode and a USB-C wired mode for those who prefer a direct connection. Regardless of the mode you choose, the SG Keyboard ensures a fast and reliable connection.

One notable feature of the SG Keyboard is its Hot Swap PCB, which allows users to freely replace switches without any soldering requirements. This feature provides flexibility and customization options, catering to individual preferences and allowing for easy experimentation with different switch types.

In terms of battery life, the SG Keyboard impresses with its large-capacity battery, capable of running for an impressive 600 hours on a full charge. This extensive battery life ensures that gamers can enjoy extended gaming sessions without having to worry about frequently recharging their keyboard.

It is worth mentioning that Sablute is a relatively new company, and their foreign origins are evident from the occasional spelling and grammar errors found on their website. While these errors may raise some initial concerns about their attention to detail, it’s important to separate website quality from product quality. We plan to thoroughly evaluate the SG Keyboard ourselves and provide an unbiased assessment of its performance and overall quality. Rest assured, we will keep you informed of our findings in the near future.

If you’re interested in experiencing the Sablute SG 60% BT5.0/2.4G/Type-C RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard (Red Switch) firsthand, you can find it available for purchase on their official website here.

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