The New Story Trailer For SERIOUS SAM 4

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Serious Sam 4 is coming out on Thursday, Devolver Digital released a story trailer for the game. Check out the cast of characters including the titular hero Sam in all of his glory. The trailer also reveals the bad guys of the story, the Mental. They come back with all new looks and details added to enhancetheir overall appearances.

The main plot of the game is pretty reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movies, as Sam and co’s main purposeis finding the ark of the covenant which houses the holy grail. Discoveringthe grail will put an end to the Mental as it is a piece of ancient alien technology. It’ll be excitingto see how the story reveals for Sam and if he does indeed take down the Mental once and for all.

Serious Sam 4 will be released this Thursday the 24th for PC and Google Stadia with a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release set for early 2021.

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