The New SYSTEM SHOCK 3 Teaser Looks Insanely Good!

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System Shock was one of the biggest sci-fi franchise in the ’90s and it really made way for many first-person games. Designed by Warren Spector, who would go on to make both the Deus Ex and Bioshock franchises, System Shock even today stands the test of time and can be a lot of fun to play. A third game for the System Shock franchise had originally been announced back in 2015 but due to a rights issue between Starbreeze Studios and OtherSide Entertainment nothing about the project has ever come to light.

The teaser is only revealing the pre-alpha footage but it still looks absolutely great and smooth in motion. The atmosphere has always been a key part of the System Shock gaming world and it seems to be well on its way there as well.


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