The Next Boom: Virtual Reality Games

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The first pitch idea was brought by the leading software development representatives, and at first, it was considered a real anomaly. In the beginning, people showed no interest in such a thing, mainly because in the first stages of VR gaming, the technology was lacking. Now, advanced tools moved this idea to an up-to-date experimental phase.

The Evolution of Online Gaming

Around 20 years ago, the transition from real-life gaming to the online realm seemed impossible. In the mid-1990s, at the courtesy of software developers, a basic offer of table games was introduced to the online world. Ever since those tentative beginnings, the scope of online casino games has increased, along with accessible prices of smartphone devices that resulted in the growth of the online gaming audience. As the years passed, more and more exciting features were added to the games, and the demand only grew higher. Today, you have an opportunity to play your favorite games from the comfort of your own home. However, soon enough, this wasn’t good enough. After all, even those graphics couldn’t provide a completely immersive experience, and this was when the idea of virtual gaming came to mind. The anticipation grew higher, and all the eyes were on the software giants and their next step.


NetEnt’s Quest

Many world’s leading software manufactures embarked on this journey decades ago, and now, they have results to show. The Swedish gaming company NetEnt was the first to have gotten to this point, and they came in style. By now, they’ve delivered a growing number of the most recent titles that can be played using VR gadgets. One of the best virtual reality slots by NetEnt includes the popular titles Jack and the Beanstalk and Starburst. Also, these days, if you are a fan of live dealer games such as blackjack, you can chat with the croupier or your opponents from the comfort of your home.

Currently, this Swedish company is in the latest testing stages of their most recent title — Virtual Reality Gonzo’s Quest. The concept behind this game shows much greater interactivity and compatibility with real money wagering.

All in all, game development is in its final stages, and as you can imagine, it is highly anticipated. This huge step for the future of virtual gambling can be expected by the end of the year.


How Does VR Gaming Work?

Virtual reality is one exceptional change in the world of online gaming and for a good reason. The one thing that most probably comes to mind is the gear. First of all, in VR gaming, you need a set of headsets or goggles to simulate a real-life experience. With them, you can just log into a VR game and immediately feel as if you have just walked into a real-life lobby. You will be able to transport yourself to a real-life venue where you’ll be able to feel everything except for the smell of actual cigars. The multiplayer option will also be available, so you will be able to interact with other players using voice chat. Additionally, what is important to mention is that besides the apparent benefits of virtual gaming, there will be significant improvements when it comes to the rules and promotional offers. The whole bonus structure will go through substantial changes to keep new players around.   


Advantages vs. Disadvantages

Here is a list of all prominent advantages virtual gaming brings to the table:

  1. The Virtual Realm: The advanced possibilities that this kind of innovation offers is beyond what anyone could have imagined. The entire gaming process is brought to a whole new level by bringing the games into your own home, literally.
  2. Improved Bonus Scheme: Due to the competitive gambling industry, operators had to race with each other in order to attract an audience. This resulted in an improved bonus scheme that is regularly updated with different kinds of membership programs. However, thanks to the most recent developments, they will need to improve this bonus scheme even more. VR titles will keep bringing numerous bonus offers and chips so that their players could enjoy playing exciting live tournaments for longer.
  3. Vast Games Library: Since this is the future of gambling, it is evident that the providers will give their best to provide a much wider variety of games. They provide you with your gaming realm in your living room, so offering a greater choice of titles was a piece of cake.
  4. Improved Chat System: Players will have the ability to use an enhanced chat option or communicate through voice chat, providing the social aspect that online gambling lacked.


Admittedly, there is also a set of slight disadvantages too:

  1. Expensive Equipment: The cost of the devices you will need makes this kind of gambling quite unattainable for most players.
  2. Expensive Software: The program tools needed are also pricey, and in addition to that, VR gaming requires someone more tech-savvy to install it properly.
  3. Possible Addiction: After getting into this virtual reality, it might be hard to go back to real-life gambling that is filled with challenges and far from perfect. If players switch their preferences to virtual gaming only, this may result in some sort of addictive behavior or other similar problems.   


What Does the Future Hold?

Thanks to the hard work of the software giants and the significant growth of modern technologies, a new era of virtual experience has officially started. The future of virtual gaming seems bright, bringing improved gaming platforms, more realistic experience, and vast game libraries.

What is even more significant is that these prominent changes are affecting the whole industry, forcing online venues to change what they have to offer in order to keep their customers before a new trendsetter arrives.

As for the fate of virtual technology, this lucrative venture is developing more and more each day, so we are safe to say — the future is here!


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