The Nintendo Switch Has Already Passed Lifetime Sales Of Base PS4 Systems In Japan

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The Nintendo Switch has already made a few milestones in the last few months, It is also becoming the fastest selling system ever released. Now Nintendo’s hybrid console can add another title to its belt with a new milestone of exceeding the base PS4 systems lifetime sales in Japan according to the latest Media Creates report. Over in the Switch’s home country, the system has now sold through 6,670,000 units over the course of its near 2-year lifespan. The base PS4 consoles, in contrast, have only sold through 6,540,000 in its 4 plus years on the business. It is worth noting that these numbers don’t show sales of PS4 Pro consoles linked with the base consoles.

PS4 continues to win in worldwide sales it shows how much focus the Japanese market has on handheld gaming these days. In the Japanese market, the Switch is even sold in a handheld only configuration forgoing the inclusion of the TV dock. It is also good to see that the Switch continues to be a good selling product to further encourage growth in the industry as a whole. After all, when gaming succeeds we all win!


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