The Official Destiny Toaster is Available Now

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Destiny Toaster

In June 2020, Bungie revealed to Destiny 2 players that if they raised at least $777,777.77 during its Gaming Community Expo livestream, it would maybe make an official Destiny Toaster. The community answered, raising more than $800,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital during Bungie’s block, and now Bungie is holding up its end of the deal.

This is a real working toaster than you can really buy, and it actually burns the Tricorn emblem into your bread. This is Destiny 2 so you’ll also get the new toast-themed Burnt Edges emblem in the game as well.

If you are thinking why players wanted a Destiny toaster in the first place, aside from the obvious answer that toast is good, it’s actually a riff on a couple of in-jokes. One, Destiny players have long pointed to “getting that bread” as shorthand for dropping a god-roll set of perks on a loot drop. And two, Destiny 2 features an exotic fusion rifle called Jotunn that looks like a toaster.

The IRL Destiny 2 toaster is up for preorder now through the Bungie Store for $85, which is actually not a terrible price for a toaster. Granted, it’s impossible to say how it compares to a nice Paderno or Lagostina unit, and it’s only a two-slicer, but my immediate impression is that it’s a pretty reasonable price for a novelty toaster with likely limited mass-market application. Ten percent of profits earned on the toaster will go to the hospital.

The Destiny 2 toaster is available for preorder now but will not ship until December, or possibly January 2022. GCX 2021, meanwhile, is live right now and continues until 1 pm PT/4 pm ET on June 20—you can head into the stream below, which at the time of writing has already passed the $3.4m point.


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