The Official Reveal Of CALL OF DUTY 2020 is Getting Closer

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It has been revealed today, was just the first step towards the release of Call of Duty 2020 and part two starts on August 14. So we will most likely not receive any new details on the game this Friday.

Earlier today it was announced that the next chapter of the Call of Duty franchise would be released later this week on Friday, August 14 at 12 PM. Although there was no exact time zone mentioned, it is safe to think that it will be Eastern Standard Time.

The date was found by some popular CoD/Zombies content creators (NoahJ456, MrTLexify, and MRDalekJD. Just to name a few) earlier today, after five grueling hours of detective work. After searching “puzzle pieces” from crates that were sent to them by Activision, they were able to find the website, pawntakespawn.com/tv. It was on this strange site, that the date and time of release were discovered.

I am very happy for this game, as it is Treyarch’s turn in the cycle to build a Call of Duty game. It is my guess that we will see a trailer featuring gameplay from the Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies modes, as well as a release date.


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