THE OUTLAST TRIALS Teaser Trailer Reveals A Horrifying Multiplayer Experience

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Check out this new teaser and some details for the next game from Red Barrels, Here we are with a new upcoming game simply called The Outlast Trials. While the game is set to release sometime in 2021, they didn’t give a platform list so there’s a chance the game will be coming to the new-gen consoles. I think that there is a chance of VR capability just based on the set up alone.

I like the idea of trying to endure the hell that is the brainwashing, madly insane chaos this series is known for with a friend, I would still like to see some single-player mode; preferably with story elements. As it stands, the story is a simple explanation of the Cold War-era involuntary human guinea pigs will have their morality challenged, strength tested, and sanity crushed. All in the name of progression, science, and profit.

 can’t wait to see The Outlast Trials in detail when they release some new teaser trailer for it. This short video leaves us with so many questions about the story, options, and gameplay, that the interest alone is building hype for the game!

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