The Pegasus Expedition New Sci-Fi Strategy Game Comes Into Early Access

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The Pegasus Expedition

Fulqrum Publishing and Kalla Gameworks have just revealed that their story-driven sci-fi strategy game, The Pegasus Expedition has now ventured into PC Early Access.

With around 20 hours of gameplay currently in the Early Access build, The Pegasus Expedition is looking like a real contender in the sci-fi strategy genre. The amazing part here is that players can expect continued and regular content updates to the game including quality-of-life changes, new features, and of course content release with four new scenarios. All this is outlined in the Early Access Roadmap for the game which you can have a look at on their official site.

Set in a world where humanity has started an intergalactic war by looking for a new home planet, The Pegasus Expedition seems to really lean on its narrative and we can’t wait to dive in and check out just what’s going on there. As a huge fan of space operas and everything sci-fi I really am pretty hyped about where this story could guide, especially when the new content updates come out and the game gets more reworked as time passes.

The Pegasus Expedition is now available for PC via Steam Early Access.

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