The Pokemon Company Releases New EP with Remix Version

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Pokémon is going to be releasing a music compilation album to celebrate 25 years and it is called P25 Music. Two new EP albums will also be released and in true Pokémon fashion, they are color-coded with different songs on each one.

Pokémon 25: The Red EP was released over the weekend and features three songs from Mabel, Cyn, and Vince Staples. Meanwhile, Pokémon 25: The Blue EP will release later this month with remixes of the three songs done by ZHU. The Red EP songs will be featured on P25 Music with the Blue EP songs coming with the digital edition of the album.

According to the press release, Staples’ “Got ‘Em” is all about facing life’s challenges head-on and takes inspiration from Mew and Raichu. He said:

I’ve always been a fan of Pokémon, so it was particularly special to be asked to take part in this 25th anniversary celebration. I’m excited for people to hear ‘Got ‘Em,’ and hope the song resonates with fans, especially those who grew up with Pokémon like I did.

Cyn’s “Wonderful” is all about friendship and being alive. The artist said:

I am so excited to release one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written, ‘Wonderful,’ in celebration of 25 years of Pokémon! This song is special to me because I feel it comments on growing pains while also emphasizing a destination of grace and a beautiful journey to it— eggs hatch when they want to or in other words, when they are ready. When I wrote this song, my newborn baby son was in the room— I can hear the influence of becoming a new mother in the music, it will always ring special for me.

Talking about the EPs, Colin Palmer of The Pokémon Company International said:

The Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue video games introduced the world to Pokémon 25 years ago and we wanted to recognize that important part of the franchise in our 25th anniversary celebrations within the P25 Music campaign. Pokémon fans will appreciate the nod to the first Pokémon video games with these EPs, while music fans will enjoy new songs and remixes from exciting artists on these dual collections.

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