The Pros And Cons Of Mobile Gaming

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Mobile Gaming

Gaming went a long way from arcade games, through commodore and Nintendo back in the nineties to gaming we know (and love) today.

We all remember how revolutionary was Gameboy advance yet with the introduction of mobile phones, gaming has undergone a real transformation. Today mobile phones are like small and portable computers with the most amazing graphics.

People are no longer limited to sitting down in front of a TV to play their favorite games. These days it’s possible to play on the go while waiting in line at the grocery store. But with the increase of accessibility, we encountered some obstacles that are maybe undermining our gaming experience. Like there is only a bit that is missing that will make the entire experience excellent. Of course, there are consoles you can carry around like for example Nintendo Switch but can mobile phones really be a decent match for these consoles?

The pros and cons of mobile gaming today will help you evaluate if these games are for you or not!


Accessibility: Play mobile games everywhere

Mobile phones are created with portability in mind, not gaming. And yet mobile phones represent a great choice for playing various games. Of course, they can’t match some popular consoles but they are good enough. Therefore if you are somewhere waiting in line and getting bored, if you are commuting to work you can always start playing games online.

It is practical in many ways… just try avoiding slacking at work because you are focused on your game.


Free games for everyone!

Every avid gamer knows just how expensive this sport can be. For playing your favorite games on a computer or on a gaming console you need to give a significant amount of money. Mobile gaming successfully overrides this – you can find both free and cheaper mobile games. The only downside of free games is that you will watch a lot of ads. But in the end, it is just a small price to pay.


You can have a real casino experience

Now you don’t need to go to Las Vegas to enjoy some great game of poker or blackjack. You can actually take a spin on your mobile phone as well.

Mobile gaming is really popular in the gambling world as well. When you find the right provider, you can enjoy various casino games no matter where you are. A lot of online casinos already have either a dedicated mobile app or they have mobile-friendly websites. Just check the requirements of online casino providers. For example, SkyCity Online Casino on Kiwislots recommends playing their games on Mozilla Firefox or Safari for the best mobile gaming experience.

mobile gaming

And now the downsides…

Screen size is a very limiting factor

Mobile phones are created to be portable and to fit your pocket. Larger screens are not something they can offer you. Video games are all about amazing graphics and with mobile phones, you can play just basic games. Nothing overly impressive.

Maybe things will change with augmented reality but so far, it seems unlikely that you will play some computer games on mobile soon. P.s. Can you imagine what gaming on Alcatel OneTouch would look like?


Shorter Battery life

One of the most frustrating aspects of mobile gaming is of course – the battery life on your mobile phones. With all the apps running and playing games, your battery will probably die soon. Probably at the worst possible moment. Many manufacturers are of course trying to solve this type of issue. With mobile games, the battery is also most likely to get damaged and replaced sooner. You can do something to avoid this unpleasant scenario by carrying your charger at all times or your power bank.


No joysticks and keyboards

And the truth is that nothing can replace these two when it comes to an amazing gaming experience. With mobile phones, you are pretty much limited with screen controls. Sometimes the screen freezes or simply a command won’t work. Some games require you to press multiple buttons at once, which can be a mission impossible on mobile screens. Point and click adventure games will perform well on mobile phones but first-person shooters will perform poorly.

Mobile games work great if you want to have some quick fun outside, while you are commuting or waiting in line. They still have certain limitations but as compared to mobile consoles, they can provide a decent gaming experience. Maybe in the future, someone will build a phone with gaming on its mind. For more serious gaming we definitely recommend consoles and desktop computers.

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