The Pros of Having a Kodiak Solar Generator

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 Kodiak Solar Generator

In one occasion or another, many homesteads are prone to power cuts. We all understand how the experience can be frustrating especially when you have that timely task that has to be cut short. The outages may be as a result of natural calamities such as storms and floods hence putting us in the dark for a period that we can never be sure. However, with a Kodiak solar generator, you are rescued from this misery.

In this article, I will give you a few top pros of owning a Kodiak solar generator.

1. It is efficient and easy to charge

When it comes to any generator, charging is one thing that every individual must consider before purchasing. This solar generator come with a variety of charging options and that is through solar panels, car charger, and even wall chargers. Surprisingly, this generator can still be used while charging and thus becoming different from most generators in the market today. This ability means that the owner is unlikely to experience any power outages in the future. Also, its charge speed is high hence an efficient source of power.

2. Compact size

Size is a critical property to consider when it comes to selecting a powered portable solar. The Kodiak solar generator is very thin in size which makes it a perfect choice. The generator can fit in small spaces such as a shelf hence the owner does not have to worry about the gadget taking much of his or her house space. The small size also eases the installation process.

3. It is lightweight

With the many functions and abilities, one would expect this generator to be heavyweight. However, that is not the case. The generator is light in weight more than one could imagine. The weight makes it possible to move it around for even outdoor activities such as camping.

4. Long lasting

When acquiring any generator, one must consider the period that it is likely to last. The good thing about the Kodiak solar generator is that it is worth your dollars. Generators are expected to offer services to a period of one decade or in other words 2000 cycles. Besides, it comes with a warranty which can boost its life to about 50 years. Therefore, one is likely to use the equipment for an extended period.

5. Holds charge for an extended period

The saddening thing about generators is realizing that they contain no charge when least expected. The Kodiak solar generator is different because it can hold the charge for a period of not less than three months hence making it a super option.

6. It’s versatile in use

This generator can charge any item that requires less than 110 VAC and this, therefore, means it is applicable to almost every household equipment such as freezer, TV set, grinder computer, phones, and refrigerators just to mention a few.

7. It can be expanded

The Kodiak solar generator can be extended easily through external batteries. The good thing about this option is that it has a control system which makes it easy to manage the expansion process.

Power outages are a thing of the past. Today, with the variety of generators in the market, every homestead is entitled to a continuous power supply. The Kodiak solar generator is one of the few solar generators with properties worth your money. Although small, the generator has more abilities than one could ever imagine. In this article, I have explained some pros that come with owning one.


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