The PS5 Gets 1440p Support Now

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The PlayStation 5 now supports 1440p. While the console has supported 1080p and 4K output all along, 1440p support is still a very requested feature by players who use monitors instead of TVs. It presents a middle ground between full HD and 4K. Testers who get the new beta software for the PS5 will now see a 1440p HDMI video output option as an extra visual setting when they use the console with a compatible monitor.

They can take benefit of the complete benefits of 1440p rendering if the game supports the resolution. But if they’re playing a game that supports 4K, the option downsamples the visuals for 1440p output for sharper images. Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is only available for 1080p and 2160p. VRR gives the screen the capacity to sync its refresh rate with the game for a slicker experience, and we don’t know why it’s not available for 1440p output.

The new beta software also gives users a way to create gamelists in the Game Library so that they can organize all the games they own better. You can create up to 15 gamelists with 100 games each. In-progress exercises will be displayed at the top of the game hub when you resume a game, and you can now request party members to share your screen so that they can watch their gameplay.

Source: Engadget

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