The Reason of Gold Jewelry Discoloration

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Why are woman’s gold jewelry discolored a lot? It’s easy to “whiten”, you should handle it like this!

Gold jewelry<here> will change color, which is actually a normal thing and a probability event. Jewelry shops had done statistics. Women’s gold jewelry has more chances of discoloration than men, especially the phenomenon of “whitening” of gold jewelry. Most of them will appear on women, while men are relatively few. What is the reason? I will analyze the reasons for this today:

In fact, the cosmetics that women like to use are one of the reasons why gold jewelry is easy to “whiten”. Moreover, due to the influence of cosmetics, the frequency of discoloration of gold jewelry is still very high. It is worthy of attention from the majority of female beauty friends. This is not a great thing, but it’s still necessary to understand the reasons!

Is there a problem with the gold content of gold jewelry? Why are gold ornaments easy to whiten?

In fact, gold jewelry, the quality of the purchase in the brand store will have a certain guarantee, more problems are in the gold jewelry itself, the “whitening” of gold jewelry is related to the environment because our environment is filled with various environmentally damaging chemicals, especially those containing mercury (Hg), which are very susceptible to chemical reactions with gold jewelry, resulting in white gold-mercury compounds, although these chemicals are in liquid and gaseous form to appear, the actual reaction of the substance we can still see with the naked eye, this is the real phenomenon of gold jewelry “whitening.”

The chemical principle is actually: gold in gold jewelry encounters mercury, a chemical reaction called amalgam, which will form a new substance called “gold amalgam”, and the color of gold amalgam is the yellow-white color seen by the naked eye is thus attached to the gold jewelry.

Seeing such a phenomenon, the first reaction of many friends who do not understand is: Do you feel that gold jewelry is not pure? In fact, this is a very normal chemical reaction, it is not surprising to know that it will happen afterward.

Many people in life will be exposed to mercury-containing items. The most common ones are women’s cosmetics, which contain more or less mercury. Some people have a small amount of mercury in their bodies, especially in summer. At the time, the neck and wrist are easy to sweat, so the mercury element is more likely to flow into the gold jewelry with sweat, which is why it is easier to make the gold jewelry white and discolored in summer. This white is floating on the surface of the jewelry.

A small amount of mercury has no effect on the human body because mercury can reduce the formation of melanin in the skin, and the mercury ion raw material is cheap, so it will be used by most cosmetics, which can “help” us to achieve the effect of rapid freckle and whitening. If your cosmetic effect is particularly obvious, also pay attention to whether the mercury element exceeds the standard. Long-term use of cosmetics with excessive levels of mercury can cause contact dermatitis, which can cause erythematous papules and is not good for the skin.

Gold jewelry is easy to whiten. There are several possibilities that are worth notice:

1. There is mercury in the environment or mercury in the chemicals that are usually in contact.

2. Gold jewelry is worn by yourself accidentally encounters mercury.

3. Your cosmetics or skincare products contain mercury.

The most obvious thing is that cosmetics contain mercury, so the probability of a woman’s jewelry is “whitened” is so great, and men are relatively few. There are still many mercury items in life, such as mercury thermometers, sphygmomanometers, daylight bulbs, perfumes, hair gels, and so on.

If gold jewelry is whitened because of mercury, don’t worry, it’s still easy to deal with. Gold jewelry can be sent to the jewelry store for after-sales service cleaning and maintenance. Professional technicians will deal with the fire according to the discoloration of gold jewelry. The melting point of mercury is particularly low, and the melting point of gold is higher. Therefore, during the heating process of overheating, the mercury will immediately evaporate, and the gold jewelry will restore its previous luster, which has no effect on the weight of gold.


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