THE RED SOLSTICE 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Revealed

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The Red Solstice series is coming up with a new sequel, Ironward has shown a gameplay teaser for The Red Solstice 2: Survivors. Set 117 years after earth, The Red Solstice 2 is about the battle once everything has ended. Earth is devastated but life still remains and the player’s goal is simple: Make it out alive and help humanity endure.

Featuring some transcendent aspects, including survival strategy, 8 cooperative multiplayer, a strategic base, combat missions, unique classes and “Hot Join,” they are looking to step up the value of the game from the first Solstice title.

This new action strategy game is going to be one that gamer squads can look forward to and be excited about. With the capability to play either solo or with a party, aliens don’t stand a chance! Sadly, The Red Solstice 2: Survivors didn’t get a release date, but it will be out on Steam sometime in 2019.

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