The Secrets Of Minecraft

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Minecraft is an online game platform being played by millions of people all over the world. The Minecraft system server comes with gameplay that can be sometimes indecipherable and intricate.

Despite their existence for over a decade, some of their features remain a mystery to some of their gamers. Meanwhile, there is a consistent update of new features being introduced into the game to improve their player’s gaming experience.

However, their veteran players might be well knowledgeable about the secrets, and special features since they are well accustomed to playing Minecraft games.

In this article, we will be looking at the secrets of Minecraft that can help gamers enjoy their gaming experience better.


The Nether Roof

The Nether Roof is a nice game with breaking features. It has a flat area that is set on top of the outer layer of the Nether world. It can be used to make mob farms in the Nether since it is easy to control spawns here.

The secret here is that once you start the game, dig straight up to an elevation of Y=121, and then watch as the bedrock spawn in the netherrack.

To examine the targeted block coordinates, you will press F3 on the right-hand side. You will search for a piece of bedrock that has 127 as its second number. Then create a ladder up to this piece of bedrock and pass an eder pearl through it and another piece of bedrock which can send you to the roof. Ensure that you have what’s required to make a portal to get you out of there, else you will be stuck.



The forest is a great location to spot an igloo. However, igloos tend to look like common little dwellings but still has secret they hide. The secret here is that when you remove the carpet, you will find a set of ladders leading downstairs that can unlock an achievement in the game such as transforming a zombie villager into a regular villager.


Hostile or Passive Name Tags

Name tags are one of the many fun ways on Minecraft to create a character attached to your favorite mob which can either make them passive or hostile.


Hidden Chest In the Jungle Temples

Jungle temples are one of the fantastic structures on Minecraft which also hides their secret. You will find a hallway downstairs that leads to several tripwires to the chest that is occupied by varying loot.

The secret here is that deep within the jungle temple the second chest is hidden behind the levers by the stairs. When next you spot a jungle temple, remember to go in, and you might just be lucky to get the treasures hidden in the second chest.


Overpowered Boat

The wooden boat undoubtedly doesn’t seem like much but it has so much strength much more than a gamer can imagine. This is because a wooden boat can act as a mob trap and doesn’t get damaged no matter how many how high a player falls from.


Fast Growing Crops

The secret here is that instead of building your crops right off the bat. Just mix them by placing them in alternating rows and see them growing rapidly.


Find Pink Wools Naturally

The possibility of getting a pink ship on Minecraft tools is very rare but it’s possible. There is a unique type of ship that spawns once in a Blue Moon and you can be lucky enough to see this. It’s known as the pink ship.

However, the other ship on Minecraft can be dyed to any color that you want on the go.

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