The Shared Engagement Philosophies of Online Casinos and Video Games

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No matter how much work has gone into a game, without support from players it’s doomed to fail. This is a natural result of a highly competitive market, where standing out from the pack requires a lot of work to do something special or different.

Understanding this, the modern video and casino markets have evolved specific mechanisms to aid them in maintaining player engagement. These are often tricky to implement, but if applied well they can be the difference between something succeeding, or it falling and falling into obscurity.


Finding Form

In their modern incarnations, digital casinos have developed to a point where online casino bonuses are essential. These typically take several forms, first taking shape on arrival by offering free spins and deposit bonuses. Features like these give players a way to keep engaged for less, while still offering the potential for big wins that forms the backbone of casino popularity. Building from this point, rotating seasonal promotions give existing players a reason to stay, cementing the worth of certain casinos in the minds of their players.

Like casino games, the success of video games is just as much about the platform as it is about individual titles. This is the attitude adopted by Microsoft and Sony especially, as they push their systems to offer more than their competitors. While they differ in some aspects in the way they achieve this goal, at the center is the same idea of gifting free titles. Both PSN and Xbox Live do this by rotating out free games which are only playable and claimable for those with active subscriptions. This keeps players coming back, and gives them a reason to constantly stay active.

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Community Involvement

Moving past the direct offerings to maintain interest, the other side of the equation comes from how casinos and video games manage their communities. Though again, these are very different industries, they both achieve the same goal through remarkably similar methods.

In online casino games, a sense of community comes from how the titles cater to social experiences. While not applicable to every casino title, there are those like live games and bingo which have a heavy emphasis on direct competition and interaction. Leaning into this idea means the adoption of chat systems for these games, in which like-minded individuals can forge friendly rivalries, or just openly shoot the breeze when playing a few hands.

Back in video games, the standard includes both text and voice communication options, though consoles favor voice for obvious reasons. On top of this, the ability to create groups and customize avatars and user info makes for an easy way for players to express themselves, and find others they gel well with.


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Operating this two-pronged approach, online casinos and video games have both managed to find routes to consistent development and growth. Though the two forms of entertainment are vastly different in key ways, their online nature has led them both down similar roads, in what could be considered a digital form of convergent evolution. As for the future, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the two markets borrowing more from each other as time goes on, and as they both reach new levels of global visibility.


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