THE SIMS 4 Goes Aquatic With Island Living Expansion!

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SIMS 4  Island Living

Are you tired of your dull life as a spy? Bored with exploding off to Sixam? Is your criminal career in GTA just not doing it for you? Perhaps you finished your 100 baby challenge and can’t take the crying anymore. Well, you are in luck my buddies, there is an entire new uncharted work just for you to relax and soak in the sun.

EA play kicked off with a Sims 4 announcement that has many excited. The next expansion coming June 20, Is officially called Island Living. Soon enough we will be able to swim with the dolphins, ride jet skis and maybe even find love with a mermaid.

The Island of Sulani is our newest destination and for the first time, we will be able to walk right out into the ocean for a swim. Soak in the sun on all new lounge furniture or build a sandcastle and recapture your sims youth. New careers also come in the form of a conservationist or Life Guard just don’t forget the sunscreen on the nose. While working to keep the beach clean, watch as life blossoms before you and makes this island truly a paradise.

SIMS 4  Island Living

The local traditions are strong and deep, and the island has much to offer. In between sleeps and ocean adventures, take some time to visit a good old fashioned pit barbecue or talk with the ancestors to learn more! You can also try the local food, but as with all exotic dishes, be careful as it may not agree with your vacationing sim!

All new build mode and create-a-sim items are on their way with this pack and I cannot wait to see what the sims community does with them. Get ready to pack your swim trunks, sunscreen and embark on a whole new adventure. I am greatly looking forward to slowing down and living life in the slow lane, so queue up some Jimmy Buffet and slip into those sandals! Be sure to stick with us here when the pack comes out for a review of the items and new gameplay.


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