The Sims 4 Got 1,200 Furniture Swatches For Free

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Sims 4

EA finally released a bunch of free brand-new swatches to The Sims 4!

Long-time Sim gamers will know one of the greatest downgrades from The Sims 3 to The Sims 4 was the elimination of create-a-style, which actually allowed for unlimited furniture swatches. The game has been lacking in decent, usable swatches that match with other furniture sets from other expansions.

New swatches have been a huge ask from the community for a long time, and it looks like EA has finally made it happen. A patch that went out on September 21 added 1,200 swatches to 149 items in the base game.

“The Art Team’s vision was to complement and enhance these assets so Simmers have more choices and more use out of them,” producer SimGuruRusskii wrote in an update post. “Also, why not?”

The team released a series of screenshots revealing some of the new swatches next to their old ones, and they are fantastic. More curtains have basic, plain swatches and all base game windows have been given new paint jobs. Matching wood tones across furniture is easily one of the most annoying things when building, but it looks like a lot of wooden items just got given a host of extra options, too.

Most of the swatches have gone down the more ‘normal’ route, which makes sense as they’re more consistently usable. But there are some unconventional colors here too, like new pink and baby blue choices for a cooker and some gorgeous rainbow wallpaper shades.

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