The Smartphones Evolution

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It almost seems unreal thinking about a world without the smartphone, yet it is almost a decade since Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, the magical product which he claimed was at least five years ahead of any other phone and by October 2008 Apple had sold and amazing 4.7m iPhones in the summer quarter which then amounted to 13% of the smartphone market.

In the same year (2007) that the iPhone was unveiled so Google offered the Android mobile operating system for free and it was expected that there would soon be a phone to follow.

By December of 2008 Microsoft makes the decision to scratch the Windows Mobile as it simply cannot compete with the iPhone or the Android, and instead develop Windows Phone which was a new mobile operating system.

By 2010 Apple launches the iPad, the ten inch tablet, and in February Steve Jobs met up with Google chief executive Eric Schmidt as he believed that the iPhone features are being copied into Android phones.  Apple also sues HTC over the touchscreen Android phone.

And so the time line goes on with each year bringing its own generation of smartphones, some with minor updates and other years with major upgrades.

2016 saw the launch of the iPhone 7 and 7 plus with even more memory and a dual camera which excited iPhone users whilst Samsung had a terrible few months having to recall their Galaxy 7 as the battery overheated and in some cases caught fire.

Hopefully the battery life and its propensity to overheat can be solved as lithium batteries are designed to be as thin as possible but have not evolved to take on the extra features of the new smartphones.

But the smartphone is here to stay as nowhere else can we personalize a portable device so much to our own individual requirements whether we are shopping fanatics or love to play on one of the many mobile casinos sites like Spin Palace which offers their players exceptional game play in a safe and secure environment.

In fact the gambling industry soon realised that mobile sites was the way forward and now you can enjoy high quality graphics and video clips on the bigger screens coupled with brilliant audio clips which all go to enhance your time spent online.

Many of the top-notch mobile gambling sites also allow you to sign in using your regular password and also the same payment options that you would use on your computer or laptop making things even simpler to access, plus mobile online casinos sites offer those excellent bonuses and promotional offers some of them exclusive to mobile users.

Gone are the days were playing on any casino game using our mobile phones was, quite frankly, a terrible experience with games crashing and of course the screens were so small that it was hopeless unless you had super-human eye sight.

2017 is a celebratory year for Apple and already the speculation and rumors are gaining pace.  This excitement is questioned by some but when you begin to think of how much the smartphone has changed the face of how we communicate and source our entertainment then you can begin to understand why there is such hype surrounding the imminent arrival of a new smartphone.


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