The Surprising Benefits of Being a Gamer

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After a long day at work or school, you probably like to unwind and have some fun playing video games.

Your family or friends might have been telling you for years how “playing video games is bad” or
“violent”, but they are wrong. There are many benefits to being a gamer, apart from having fun and
possibly making money if you’re really good at it. Video games can actually help you work on many of your skills, including being more sociable, and they can bring benefits to your health. So, let’s go a bit more into detail.


Video Games Make You More Sociable

There is a common stereotype that people who spend hours playing video games to be too isolated and hate spending time with people. However, that’s not true – they just spend time with people in a different way than it’s “socially acceptable”. Multi-player online games are on the rise and many gamers actually love meeting new people through online servers from all around the world. What is more, by playing games with their friends, gamers are actually having fun, talking about many things and simply spending quality time with their friends and acquaintances. What is more, this is a new form of socializing where gamers work together to solve problems and work on their social skills and communication.


They Can Improve Your Vision

Your parents have probably told you not to sit too close to the TV because it will ruin your vision.
However, even though sitting too close to the TV can bring minor damages to your eyes, in the form of eye strain, scientists have found that playing games in moderation can actually improve your vision. In one study, scientists have actually found that gamers have a better ability to discern between different shades of gray. What is more, one study discovered that playing video games using only your “lazy” eye can significantly normalize improvement in the affected eye. However, sitting too close in front of any screen can bring eye strain, so you should probably rely on computer glasses that can be found on thatsweetgift, as well as other ergonomic gear that can ease any type of strain and pain.


They Could Ease Pain

Speaking of easing pain, video games have proven to be successful in this field, too. When you’re in any kind of pain, you are probably looking for a distraction to help you forget about the pain and focus on something else. Besides video games letting you focus your brain on winning or solving a quest, the act of playing video games helps you produce a pain-killing response in your higher cortical systems. The more complex game that requires more focus the better and your body focuses less on the pain and more on the game. That is why VR systems may become part of hospitals one day to help patients relieve pain post-operations.


You Can Become A Better Leader

Some types of games demand some great problem-solving and leadership skills. That is why some of the genres reward and encourage leadership traits for providing for the “community”, securing their safety, and so on. Researches have actually noted that many gamers can display correlating motivation in their everyday lives and career goals. What is more, since games often require lots of improvising, this can translate into being a quick thinker when there is an office crisis or a problem to be solved in real life.


Video Games Can Reduce Stress

Gamers probably already know this, but some more complex games can induce some stress. This is
especially true if you are stuck at a level, can’t beat a tough boss or your character is struck down for the umpteenth time. However, besides inducing some stress, video games can actually reduce a great deal of everyday stress you are experiencing due to work, relationship problems, etc. When playing games after a long stressful day, you are actually calming yourself down, forgetting about all the problems for some time, and lowering your heart rate. What is more, since you are having a great time playing games with your friends, the “feel-good” hormones are released and your mood significantly improves.

As you can see, video games can bring many benefits to the table. If you’re a gamer you are probably familiar with many of these, plus your hand-eye coordination is probably on a high level, as well as your problem-solving skills. Not to mention how much great time you’re spending with your friends from all around the world.

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