THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE Behind-The-Scenes Game Development Video

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Developers Sumo Nottingham and publisher Gun Interactive are generating buzz for their upcoming release, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game, by giving fans an inside look into the creative process behind the highly anticipated horror title. With a release date already set and a technical playtest coming up, fans can now enjoy a behind-the-scenes video titled “Making a Massacre” that offers a closer look into the development of this spine-chilling game.

The video features interviews with eight members of the development team, both from Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham. Each member shares their personal connection to the iconic horror franchise, as well as their individual contributions to the game. Through this video, fans can gain a deeper appreciation of the philosophies that guided the design and development of this title.

One of the most interesting aspects of the video is the attention to detail that the development team has paid to the authenticity of the game. From digitally scanning every scratch on an authentic ‘70s chain saw to delving into the journals of original screenwriter Kim Henkel to revive the drifter Sissy, the team has gone above and beyond to ensure that the game accurately represents the original source material.

Fans of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre franchise can also look forward to the game’s full launch on August 18th, which will be available on multiple platforms including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. With such a talented and dedicated development team behind it, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game promises to be a terrifying and unforgettable experience for horror fans and gamers alike.

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