The Things To Do in Cayo Perico in GTA Online

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Cayo Perico

If you are looking to find the GTA Online Cayo Perico points of interest and things to do. The new update is now released, and while it has added a bunch of new vehicles, weapons, and other options, the focus of the update is the heist itself.

The Cayo Perico Heist takes place on a private island owned by a drug dealer, El Rubio. The island has been added with the update, so you’ll be going into entirely new territory when you do the heist. But before you can start thinking about the rewards, you’ll need to scope things out first—and that’s where points of interest come in full view. So if you want to know the locations of the GTA Cayo Perico scope locations, check it out below:

GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist

Where to find the GTA 5 Cayo Perico points of interest

If you’re familiar with heists in GTA, you’ll know they take some preparation. These are big jobs and you’ll need to gather as much information as you possibly can before you commit to a plan. Below you’ll find a list of the points of interest we’ve discovered—just don’t forget to grab a photo to have each point count as intel—and you can check out the video above if you’re looking for a visual guide.


Control Tower

This is the first point of interest you’ll find as it’s located at the airport and is part of the story mission. This control tower will enable you to stop any air defense that may be called against you as well as allowing your own aircraft in.

Power Station

The power station is located a short distance from the airport. It’s found at the end of a minor road that leads off from the south of the airstrip. This point of interest will allow you to disable lights and cameras.

Supply Truck

The supply truck you’re looking for is also nearby. It’s slightly north-west of the power station and if you can get hold of guard clothing, you can use it to drive straight through the main gate of the compound without being detected.

Bolt Cutters

There are four to find and are random spawns for each player, so their exact locations might differ each time, though they generally seem to be found near a red toolbox. They’re also quite difficult to see, so you’ll need to look quite closely to locate them. These will allow you to open storage containers quietly.

We found one near the Supply Truck, another to the west of the central part of the island, sitting on top of a box. The third was found in the northeastern area of the map and the fourth was close to a tower at the far-eastern point of the island near some wheat fields.

GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist

Guard Clothing

Like the bolt cutters, you’ll need to locate four of these and, again, they are in random locations, though you may be lucky enough to find a couple of them when you’re searching for your bolt cutters.

You’ll need to have scoped out the supply truck in order for these to show up. They’re hard to miss as they appear as brightly-coloured clothing inside a green box. These, paired with the supply truck, will allow you to drive through the main gate unnoticed and they’ll make it harder for guards to detect you in general.

Grappling Equipment

You’ll need four of these and they are perhaps the hardest to find as they’re so difficult to spot. They’ll allow you to traverse broken walls within the compound but again, they are random spawns so you may need to hunt around if you don’t find them at the following locations.

One located on in the north-east corner of the map near a sniper tower there and another can be found under the stairs inside a lighthouse. Another is located near the crane to the north of the bottom section of the island, and the last is found on the coast, directly south of the airport, close to some small boats.

Check out the video for more:


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