The TOMB RAIDER Games Will Be Remastered On Steam

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Realtech VR has just revealed some big news, they will be releasing the remastered versions of Tomb Raider 1, 2, & 3 on the Steam platform. The new updated versions of the game will be based on its mobile games, and will support OpenVR, and will feature a 3D engine.

The remasters of Tomb Raider will be free for those players who already own the original DOS versions on Steam. Currently, the team behind the remasters has already finished Tomb Raider 1&2 and now they are working on developing Tomb Raider 3. 

In addition, the remasters of the game will support Xbox 360/One controllers, and will include the Unfinished Business & The Golden Mask DLC packs, together with several bug fixes. Realtech VR is set to release a showcase video for the third game next month. Currently, Realtek VR did not reveal any news on when they are thinking to release the remasters on Steam.


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