The Top 3 Basketball Games On PlayStation 4

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If you are in the market of some amazing basketball games for PlayStation 4, there are a lot of them out there in the market, I am a huge fan of the sport and love watching it live and play on my next-gen consoles If you want you can have your LA Coliseum tickets and LA Lakers tickets from here. Now, let’s get back to digital games and here is the list of games which are the best on PS4 right now.

The latest and the most awesome PlayStation 4 games about playing hoops is NBA 2K19. It was released in late 2018 and still, it is awesome out there with no real competition from anyone, the newest game in the NBA 2K series goes back to its roots in a game that is both in-depth and difficult to learn but once you master the controls it is so much fun to play. If you never checked out NBA Playgrounds, it’s a must-have and must play basketball game on PlayStation 4 and if you own the machine and are a fan of Basketball then this is the one for you. Other options are NBA 2K17 and NBA Live 18 which are also pretty cool to try.

Not all of the basketball games on this list is a PS4 basketball simulator – take 3on3 Freestyle it was came out in the market in late 2016. However, all these basketball games are still available on the PlayStation Store, regardless of the release date they still have life in them and you will get a kick out of playing them. Check out the list below and tell us your favorite in the comment section below.

NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19

Professional basketball has charm and excitement which is attached to this sport and it is quite unique and NBA 2K19 is on top of the hill. The lustrous and vibrant arenas, stylish apparel and high speed of the game are all brilliant and nothing matches to it. On the court, it is not about winning or losing the game, it’s about the finesse and how you play the game.

The new game grows upon its great gameplay, excellent presentation, and a broad array of game modes to incorporate this attitude. Its style is cramped a bit by a small number of determined issues with AI behavior and indecent microtransactions in the MyPlayer mode, but other than that, NBA 2K19 is simply a high point for the gaming franchise.


NBA Live 19

NBA Live 19

I didn’t think I will like NBA Live 19 but I did. It’s not without its imperfections, that’s for certain, but the actual basketball that takes place on its court looks awesome and fun to play. It even has some creative modes, such as awesome and entertaining tower-defense style court battle, alongside the money-grabbing Ultimate Team mode that’s become a must for every EA Sports game. But while it feels like an excellent and very realistic game of hoops, it didn’t do well in the personality department, which gives a lot of possible excitement to slip through its fingers.

NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 did a wonderful job by touching a spot that other sports games fail to do so. Even when it feels too gritty and unpolished, it gives various and in-depth options and singular moments of basketball gameplay pleasure which are hard to beat.

The NBA 2K series excites me as an NBA superfan. It’s a game that glorifies the athletes, taps into the thrill of a big-time hoop and dunk, and allows me to change who I want to be on the court. You will get flustered by a floaty pass or thrown off by a player looking far too skinny, but then I’ll hit a deep three with Steph Curry that makes the fans at Oracle Arena go insane and I’m all excited for the game again.


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