The Top 4 Games to Add To Your Mancave

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A man cave is incomplete without games. In fact, such a den is uninviting when there is nothing in it because you will not have much to do while there except stare at bare walls. However, throwing in a few games here and there can help in changing the ambiance of the room. When there are many games in the cave, you can stay there for the whole day with your friends. 

On the other hand, selecting the games to include in your den can be a bit complicated, especially if you are doing it for the first time. If you belong to the conservative league, you obviously don’t want anything to do with video games. You should, therefore, give priority to interactive outdoor games that can be played behind closed doors. The advantage of adding such games is that you will be able to play at any time of the day without being limited by weather. Here is a list of games that are ideal for a Mancave.


  1. Basketball 

Arcade basketball games make it possible to play inside the house when you don’t have access to a traditional court. In fact, you can play on your own or with your friends. The equipment comes with either two, three or four baskets. Keep in mind that the size of space that’s required increases with the increase in the number of baskets. The other advantage is that the equipment comes with nets on the edges to make sure the ball doesn’t bounce off and hit other stuff in the room. The board is also high enough to stop the ball from going behind it. And if you are concerned about counting your scores, the equipment has an automatic tracker that records the scores in digital form. Each equipment usually comes with at least four balls, meaning you don’t have to buy them separately. If you have limited space in your cave, you can always fold the equipment to create more room for other games when it’s not being used.


  1. Golf 

Every golf enthusiast knows that the game can only be played during summer because that’s when the weather is favorable. With an indoor golf platform, you can tee off as usual even during winter without having to go to your local golf course. However, the game needs more space than other games. You might therefore need to expand your cave to make it a reality. The clubs that you will use are similar to those that are used outdoors, only that they are designed to be shorter in length to allow you to swing without knocking things down.

  1. Darts 

Darts is arguably one of the simplest games. In fact, you only need to hang a dartboard on the wall to get started. The board usually comes with three darts. And for the sakewh of avoiding injuring other people, you should place it in an area that has low traffic. Modern dartboards are powered by electricity because they are designed to calculate the scores while a game is in progress. These smart boards are actually able to determine the winner at the end of a game.


  1. Table Tennis

Playing table tennis brings people together as they compete against each other. But there is another advantage. Since playing the game requires you to make a lot of footwork, you end up burning calories by the time you are done. You can also opt to play alone or play with your buddies because the table is usually wide enough to support two players on each side. And that’s not all. The table is designed to fold into one piece, meaning you can always move it after the game is over. 

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