The Top 5 Apps of 2018

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Below are some apps that are convenient and easy to use. They make it easier for you to do things. Whether it’s shopping, tracking costs, fitness, or finding locations among other things, there are apps for all these things. You may get apps at google play or the app store. The top shopping Dealdash app is popular among many online shoppers because of the huge discounts that clients enjoy. You will also get information about overstock auctions, play games, and bid in order to buy items. Usually, the highest bidder gets the item. The other top apps this year are discussed below.

Here are the top 5 apps of 2018:

  1.    Poshmark

This is one of the best apps available online for online shoppers. Through the app, you are able to sell off items that are slightly used at discounted prices. You may also shop for things you may need online as well. It is an easier way to declutter your home on a budget. Both iOS and Android users can download and use the app.

  1.    Hutch

If you are looking for interior designs, then this is the best app for you. It provides you with the latest redesigning options for your home. It is a free app available to both Android and iOS users. If you want to avoid the cost of hiring interior décor experts who may charge a lot of money, opt for this app. It can help you redesign your home. You also get to buy any accessories or items need in your home online.

  1.    PocketGuard

This is a good app for people who want to plan their finances. It is a free app that can be used on both Android and iOS devices. How does the app work? Through the app, you can keep a record of how money in your bank account is used. Any subscriptions and bills are sorted on the app and you are able to view the account balances in real-time on the app. Through all this data, you can get a rough estimate of how much you can spend per day. You can also plan on savings and it also enables you to stick to the budget.

  1.    Google drive suite

This is an Android-only app. There are many other apps attached to the app that makes it one of the most convenient apps every Android user should have. It is a perfect solution for cloud storage as well as a backup for all google docs including photos and Gmail. In fact, the photo and video backup storage are unlimited. You may also buy storage space if more is required but the app comes with 15GB free. This app is compatible with Microsoft office as well.

  1.    Fitbit

Do you want to improve your health and also maintain good health? This is the best app. It helps you track your habits including exercises and eating habits. It is also recommended that you get an ionic Fitbit watch in order to track your fitness at the gym or if you prefer outdoor activities such as jogging or walking.

These are some of the top apps this year. There are many more apps available for Android and iOS. With a little research, you can easily identify what is most beneficial to you.


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