The Top 6 Free Games to Play Online

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Computer-powered virtual realities turned out to be the best recreation during the pandemic. Locked at home or not, nothing stops us from having fun alone or with friends. Such leisure activities teach us new skills, boost socializing skills, etc. These beneficial effects don’t work only for kids. Recent studies show that virtual reality is good for adults as well. They help deal with the stress, better adapt to the changes, etc.

We’ve compiled a list of free games to play online. They require no download to run from your device. The top doesn’t contain such legendary virtual hangout options as or Minecraft. Instead, let’s focus on less popular but still addictive adventures.


Best Free Online Games

Lazer Bots

Lazer Bots

Lazer Bots sends you into the sci-fi world of war machines. Armed with blasters, wander around the neon-lit isometric map and attack the enemies. The agenda depends on the mode you pick:

  • Deathmatch pits teams against each other and limits their time. The one that has more kills wins.
  • A zombie mode challenges you with waves of hostile opponents. They’re numerous but usually easy to take down.

Additionally, you choose your special ability before the match begins. Healing makes you useful for allies. Throwing bombs increases your gun power. Teleporting makes you mobile. The skills influence your strategy. Go in and find the one that suits you the most.

A tip: move a lot. Dodge the shots and run around the map. You might find some useful items out there. For example, an advanced gun to cause greater damage.



In Staroyale, you jump in your quadcopter-like starship and join battles against other players! Blow them up to remain the only one on the map. Win to get tokens and use them for upgrades or customization.

Cool features about the adventure:

  • Detailed visual effects. If you’re damaged, you can’t fly smoothly. The jet shakes a little and produces steam.
  • An interactive environment. If you hit the tree, it falls. It’s convenient when you need to clear the way in the forest.
  • A red zone. The map is huge. Some participants choose to hide on the outskirts and avoid battles. But this can’t go on forever. The zone shrinks takes away hit points and forces players to the center.

Look for powerups to get an edge. For example, you may pick a protective shield to endure more hits.

Pop Cat Game

Pop Cat Game

Pop Cat is a free clicker with the funny meme cat as the main character. Just tap on the cute face and enjoy the meditating effect. Namely, the kitty opens its mouth and produces a relaxing sound.

There is 1 thing to know about the title: it has absolutely no objective. Tap just for the fun of it and see how many clicks you can get. However, you may wonder what other users manage to achieve. Although it’s a single-player, the leaderboard features the cumulative scores of different countries. So, digital entertainment meant as a joke has grown into an international competition. Wanna contribute to your homeland scores?

The original version of the toy doesn’t have an auto-click mode. But there are cheats that do all the work automatically. Before you start looking for them, think about this. Do you really want to miss the pleasure of achieving the results yourself?

Star Dust

Star Dust

The competition in this free-to-play multiplayer is vibrant. Flying in a space-like environment, you are a small star. Such a size has lots of disadvantages. The most important one: you can become someone’s lunch!

Hunt for blobs to grow and increase your survival chances. If someone is about to swallow you, tap twice. You’ll create a burst and speed up. Yes, you’ll lose some points, but it’s better than dying.

The map is as minimalistic as possible. It looks like a circle filled with things to eat. The richest parts are the edges. But they are the most dangerous. Even approaching them is hurtful: you lose some blobs. Imagine what happens if you cross the line and go into the darkness! You’re instantly killed, of course. But sometimes you should risk in order to grow faster and dominate the match.

If you perform great, you get coins to spend on customization. There are lots of skins to choose from!

Audio Game

Audio Game

It’s an online rhythm adventure that sends you on a 3-laned track. As the music flows, you dash forward. Tap ASD to switch the lanes and catch colorful disks in your way. Get to the end of the song and earn as many points as you can! However, some challenges make it difficult:

  • The route is littered with blocks. If you bump into them, you slow down. Luckily, it doesn’t take your scores away.
  • As you proceed through the round, the combination of disks gets maddening. Will you be able to keep up with the pace?

It’s not designed for 2 players. But you can take turns with your friend. Find out who has better skills to earn more scores.

If you don’t like the tracks from the list, upload your favorite beats. Important: the files must be in mp3 format. Or paste the YouTube link with the composition you prefer. The title analyses the rhythm of the song and creates the round especially for you. It’s one of the most relaxing free games to play online.



It’s a dynamic web-based shooter where heads tear each other to pieces. They use guns, bombs, and knives to crack the opponents’ brains out. Brr! Each match is a short but fast-paced competition. Everything there is challenging:

  • The map. It’s different each time you join a battle. Additionally, you can’t jump. Learn to use the system of trampolines to move and dodge attacks.
  • The ammo. Your gun has a limitation: only 30 bullets to shoot with. Luckily, you have a knife and a pretty high chance of grabbing a different weapon.

After the session is over, get some cash as a reward. Spend it to customize your character: add hair, beard, hat, etc. These features help you stand out from other heads.


Available to Anyone

These top free online games are all browser-based. It means you can enjoy them without downloading or installing anything on your device. Just switch on the Internet and dive in! Such availability makes them always crowded with real users. Join these web games and play with your friends for a greater experience.

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