The Top 6 Mobile Games to Play on Your Phone in 2021

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If you own a smartphone and you want to know what is the measure to know if you are a gamer or not, Well, it’s very easy if you ever played Candy Crush, you’re a gamer. Opposite to what Reddit says about “dirty casuals” who play mobile games for fun, you are a gamer, a complete gamer with a taste for games.

There are few gaming markets out there from shooters to starategy. There are some games that fall into controversies because of microtransactions. But that argument aside, you can discover quite a lot of cosmic downloads for your phone in the App Store. These games range from free, to flat-rate, to, some which come with microtransaction systems, and those games ask you to pay for things in-game, which is not at all a bad model for games. You might as well download a number of the latest releases, retro games, puzzle games, and more to kill the time on the go or at home.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

1. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: New Horizons on mobile is just amazing. Nintendo acquired the release of New Horizons with 2017’s Pocket Camp, which is amazing and fun to play just as on the consoles. Collect things, make buddies, loan payments, and decorate your campsite—all that Animal Crossing beauty comes to you for just $60.

Stardew Valley

2. Stardew Valley

There’s the farming simulator and a cult-classic Stardew Valley. It’s a simple game: Acquire a plot of land, work on its crops and livestock. What makes it fun is its gorgeous art style, its charming soundtrack, and the interesting tasks you take on around your estate and the neighborhood. You’ll likely find it more relaxing than a glass of bourbon hot chocolate drinking next to a fireplace. And it will last longer as well.

Solar Explorer: New Dawn

3. Solar Explorer: New Dawn

This is a futuristic version of the retro arcade game Lunar Lander, this supremely gorgeous game has you flying a spacecraft through the environment and onto protected land so that you can protect civilization. Expert reactions and a knowledge of physics are a blessing. This could be a clever skill to get now rather than later.

Mario Kart Tour

4. Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo has done some missteps with games on mobile, and while Mario Kart Tour got some resentment for microtransactions, it’s really not as bad it is a fun game. Mario Kart Tour is a blast to play, and it now even comes with online multiplayer so you can race your buddies—especially those buddies who love games that are not stressful and not interested in consoles. It really does not come close to the nature of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch. The game is free to play and it will be free to play unless you opt to purchase gems to buy characters from pipes. The game comes with a loot box system that is essentially flawed, the game does a substantial job of managing the odds.

Monument Valley 2

5. Monument Valley 2

The entire Monument Valley series is just utterly gorgeous. It’s got some of the most gorgeous art and bright visuals in-game. And it’s therapeutic, enabling you to lose yourself and concentrate on something that produces emotions from limited storytelling. Download the game put it on “do not disturb” while playing the game, trust me. Monument Valley really deserves it.


6. Minecraft

This sandbox of a game with the pixelated builder took the gaming world and even Twitch, by storm, and now it is available on your phone. It allows for cross-play, determining if you want to play with your buddies who are on the console or on PC, you can definitely do so, which is extremely cool. Now, Minecraft will cost you $6.99, and this is something that people do not want to spend on mobile games, But this game is a steal even with this price tag. Minecraft is one of the most amazing and peaceful games out there, particularly if you play in creative mode. You can forget about the real world in there and lose yourself in your block-building world.

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