The Top Tips That You Need for Professional Smartphone Photography

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These days, you don’t actually need a fancy digital camera to take professional pictures. In fact, you will now find that even expert photographers are actually submitting smartphone images to popular publications. So, if you have always wanted to take high-quality pictures, the answer could be right there in your hand.

As you are aware, though, it isn’t always as easy as you might imagine. After all, most people have a smartphone but few are able to take pictures that really stand out. Fortunately, you can find all the helpful guidelines to help you on your way, right here.


Does Your Phone – and the Associated Camera – Matter?

When it comes to smartphones and smartphone cameras, most people have fallen into the trap that more expensive phones give you better quality. Well, there is research that suggests this isn’t really true. Although you may not realize it, most smartphone camera sensors are made by a handful of manufacturers. Due to this, the quality of these sensors doesn’t actually vary all that much.

Now, it is true that there are differences in processing and the features associated with your phone’s camera. This is why you may notice that pictures from one phone look a lot better than photos on others. Even in this case, though, the variation is minimal. In the end, it is your skill as a photographer that really counts – not how much your smartphone costs. So, unless you like the other functions attached to a premier phone, you are better off with what you already have.


Analyze and Experiment with Your Camera Features

You may be wondering how the above statement can possibly be true. After all, you may have been using your camera all this time and so far, you have probably been unhappy with the results. Well, the key here is to learn how to use the features on your smartphone camera a little better. If you are being perfectly honest, you probably aren’t aware of half the features available on your phone. Most people simply play around with the zoom and flash function and leave it at that.

Well, as with many DSLR cameras, your smartphone has an abundance of features to select from as well. This includes optical image stabilization, high dynamic range (HDR), and wide aperture. While all these terms may sound complicated, they don’t need to be. You don’t have to find yourself a manual to help you out either. Rather, you should opt for the tried-and-tested method of playing around on your camera phone. With time, you will become aware of exactly what you need to do to achieve a particular effect.


Consider a Camera App

Let’s imagine that your phone camera features really are abysmal. If your phone is on the cheaper end of the price spectrum, this is quite possible. Don’t worry, though, as all hope is not lost. In situations such as these, a camera app will help sort things out for you.

Fortunately, there are plenty for you to choose from, depending on what you are looking to get out of your pictures. Once again, though, it is all about experimentation. Just because a camera app works well doesn’t mean that it will produce the effects that you are looking for. This is why you should try out a few, one by one until you figure out the best for you.


Use the Grid

Ever wondered why things don’t line up just right in your pictures? Well, that’s because you don’t have any guidelines to follow. The thing is that the human eye isn’t capable of figuring out the right position by itself. This is why most expert photographers rely on the grid function on their DSLR cameras.

Well, guess what, this function is available on your phone as well! If you head to the settings on your camera app, you will find it there. Use this to line up your images. This is a particularly useful function when you want to focus in on a subject but include certain background elements as well.

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Splurge on an Additional Lens

One of the biggest advantages that a DSLR has on your camera phone is that you can choose from multiple lenses. This means that you can select one that is most suitable for your subject, environment, setting, and more. It is part of the reason that professional photographers can capture such stunning images at any moment.

Now, while this may not be available on your camera, there are additional lenses that can be purchased as accessories. So, if you are willing to make an investment, they will certainly be worth it. As you can imagine, the lenses alone aren’t going to get you those stellar pictures. Rather, you will need to practice with them until you get the desired effect.


Edit, Edit, and Edit Some More

Yes, at the end of the day it is all about editing. Try as you might, there will still be a limit to how great your images are going to turn out. This is why most excellent photographers are equipped with some pretty fantastic photo editors.

Now, while you may not have your own team on hand, you do have some options available. There are several phone apps that will help you create the effects you want. Social media platforms, too, can help to spruce things up. If you really want a great job done though, you have two options. The first is to hire a professional service. If you are willing to put in the hard work, then you may want to pay for some high-end photo editing software.

As you can see, it takes time and effort if you want beautiful pictures that will make everyone swoon. However, if you don’t mind teaching yourself the basics, along with advanced features of smartphone photography, you will be on your way to doing just that. So, don’t wait any longer, get started today!  

Max is a professional documentary photographer who has had his work published and showcased internationally. In addition to pursuing his craft, Max also runs an image restoration service, instarestoration. He continues to study photography and capture human life in all its versatility.

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