The “Ultimate” Edition Of INJUSTICE 2 Announced

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Injustice 2

Injustice 2 ultimate edition will cost you $100 and it contains everything game has to offer. The official Injustice 2 site lists the “ultimate” edition of the game with the following features…

  • 9 DLC characters (I’m guessing future DLC? I hope so…)
  • Physical or Digital download of the game
  • Reverse Flash Costume and voice pack (alt Flash skin)
  • John Stewart Green Lantern costume and voice pack (alt GL skin)
  • Power Girl costume and voice pack (alt Supergirl skin)
  • 2 gear shader packs

As much as I want to play Injustice 2…I’m not looking for a half baked experience if I only buy the “standard” edition…what about you?


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