The Ultimate HALO Event Is Planned For This Year

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Ultimate HALO Event

Fans of Bungie’s most popular franchise on both PC and Xbox, Halo, is hosting one of the most unusual and significant events that you won’t want to miss! Simply called the Halo Outpost Discovery, this event will host over 200 game stations, various community meetups, an interactive museum, team laser tag, and a fully set up competitive virtual reality arena!

This event will be held in various locations around the United States including Orlando, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, and Anaheim. The full schedule and dates can be found here, but note that the first date will be in Orlando on July 5th and the last date will be in Anaheim on September 1st.

Check out their announcement trailer:

This event looks like the most amazing experience for fans of the Halo series and will certainly be the talk of the summer. This will be a full month after E3 2019 but has the potential to be as huge an impact on the gaming community at E3 itself. Everything that you could want to know about the Halo Outpost Discovery event can be found on their website.

With prices starting as low as $60 a person, will you be jumping in weekend-long events?

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