The Vintage Nixie Clock

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The Vintage Nixie Clock

This Vintage Nixie Clock is handcrafted using new old stock tubes. These Nixie tubes are at least 30 years old, have never been used before. Because Nixie tubes are not longer in production, quantities are very limited for this exclusive clock. Each clock will have an accompanying certificate of authenticity.

Old school technology combined with an art deco style in a fine wooden enclosure. Bring to your home a piece of history with The Vintage Nixie Clock and its Cold War era components.

” Nuvitron´s Vintage Nixie Clock is a gift worth the giving, it´s a clock that lasts and serves you daily year after year. It is not merely a clock. It´s an efficient timepiece. A clock for bedroom, parlor, library or office. In rooms of every type this famous creation add new warmth and life. Nothing else combines beauty and utility so happily as a this Vintage Nixie Clock ”

The soft and warm glow of the Nixie tubes makes it perfect to use it in your bedroom. It won’t disturb your sleep.

We guarantee the Nuvitron´s Vintage Nixie Clock to be free of material imperfections, and will replace any tubes that fail in the first two years after your purchase. Nixie tubes are known to last for decades, and ours operate in a range far below their peak, this ensures you will enjoy them for a long time.

  • The clock can work flawlessly in the 5 continents because it accepts 110V and 220V in both frequencies, 50 and 60 Hz

The Vintage Nixie Clock

We designed the Nuvitron´s Vintage Nixie Clock in an art deco style combining retro technologies with the look and feel of the mid thirties. It resembles the radios made in bakelite at the beginning of the last century, a time where aviation was just taking hold, the airplane wings appear on our logo and in the clock itself.

It has a handcrafted wooden enclosure made with selected woods such as mahogany and maple to ensure a beautiful woodgrain. The skilled artisans sanded by hand each piece and then glued them together to achieve a smooth surface guaranteeing there are not two identical Vintage Nixie Clocks.

We avoided lacquers and other artificial chemicals. Instead, we used natural oils that nourish the wood allowing it to breathe in any type of weather and humidity.

It has a curved lid made with thin sheets of wood and angular legs that gives an sculptural look. And to give the modern touch, we engraved our logo with laser.

Numeric Indicator Experimental Nº1 – NIXIE

Numeric Indicator Experimental Nº1. That´s how the Nixie name was born. A simple and elegant solution to meet the need of a numerical display. This technology was developed by an american company called Burroughs Corporation in the mid fifties.

Each Nixie tube included in this clock contains 10 electrodes (one for each digit) made out of Molybdenum, and separated by ceramic rings. Everything is enclosed in a glass tube, filled with a mixture of Neon and Argon gases at low pressure. When a high voltage is applied, the electrodes in the shape of numbers glow in a warm orange color.

This tubes were manufactured in the former Soviet Union and were kept in basements in their original boxes during the Cold War. For your enjoyment, Nuvitron brings this old school technology to your home, our Nixie tubes are new old stock never used before, and are at least 30 years old.


Nuvitron combines old school electronics with a retro design in products with lots of personality and character.

We want to show our ideas and philosophy to the world by using vintage components mixed with modern electronics. That is why we designed The Vintage Nixie Clock. Instead of leaving the tubes in a cold basement, we prefer you to admire their beautiful warm orange glow each time they tell you the time.

What is in the box?

  • Nuvitron´s Vintage Nixie Clock
  • Power Adapter
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • User’s manual


Four different modes to choose from. Time in 12 and 24 hours format, and the possibility of showing ambient temperature, either in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

To extend the life of the tubes we programmed a random sequence of numbers to be displayed frequently (each minute on the time mode, or each time the clock switches between time and temperature)

Nixie tubes are not longer in production so this clock won´t be available for much longer. Bring to your home a piece of history with The Vintage Nixie Clock and its Cold War era components.


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