THE WALKING DEAD Game’s Latest Trailer

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Microsoft’s Inside Xbox series revealed a new trailer for the upcoming Walking Dead game, which is currently in development by Overkill. The new trailer will also introduce you to the newly announced character named Maya, who is a doctor and will serve as the healer in the game.

The trailer also included an interview with Overwatch’s executive producer Saul Gascon, He revealed that the new game is based in Washington DC, and what the new Walking Dead title will aim to be. Gascon also said in the interview that players are clamoring for actual gameplay footage rather than cinematic previews and the gameplay preview will be revealed soon, Gascon said.

Series creator Robert Kirkman, said that the new upcoming title would be the “co-op action game fans have been waiting for.” Hopefully, the wait won’t be that long since the future game was announced back in 2014, scheduled for a 2016 release, delayed until 2017 and again to this year.

If you only want to watch the Walking Dead trailer, you can skip forward the video to the 1-hour 39-minute mark.


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