The White House Posted a Compilation of Video Game Gore 

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call of duty

I never thought I will be seeing a video game footage on the White House’s Official YouTube channel and not just game footage but bloody and full of gore footage, I think they are trying to make a useless and a crappy point with this. Check out the video below and tell us in the comments what you think about it.

After the Parkland School shooting in Florida, Trump’s White House was trying to find a scapegoat for gun violence: video games. The video is clearly meant to create some sort of emotional response in the viewer, compiling scenes of people killing people in video games and there is no commentary added to the video.

Why even post this on YouTube, a platform where the gamers already visit to watch gory death scenes out of their own choice? I mean, searching “goriest video game deaths” gives me almost 10,900 results. At the very least know your audience. Check out the dislike ratio below:

White House really just wanted to make a brilliant compilation of video game gore. The video has since been unlisted due to copyright claims – nice to know even the White House has to deal with Content ID – but you can watch it embedded above or at this link.


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