The World’s First Open Marketplace for Virtual Goods Launched by NAGA and Japanese Gaming Manufacturer Asobimo 

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Virtual Goods

German-based Naga Virtual (NAGA) has recently announced an exciting partnership with Japanese gaming manufacturer Asobimo Inc., to create the world’s first marketplace for virtual goods.

A press release circulated recently confirmed that Petite Chronicle Online would be integrated into the NAGA VIRTUAL platform. By all accounts, this will be the first time ever that an external game has been successfully integrated into NAGA VIRTUAL. The German Fintech company’s independent virtual goods platform’s new partnership is set to change the face of Petite Chronicle Online.

Petite Chronicle Online was created by the exciting Japanese mobile game manufacturer Asobimo, which will act as the first official partner of NAGA VIRTUAL.

The changes players can expect will be groundbreaking. NAGA VIRTUAL has integrated Petite Chronicle Online into the platform, which is set to create a way for players to buy and sell in-game items. These virtual gaming objects can be traded in a way which is straightforward and super easy.

With this bold move, NAGA VIRTUAL has essentially created an innovative primary and secondary market for Petite Chronicle Online. It looks certain that NAGA will integrate more games into their NAGA VIRTUAL ecosystem further down the line.


What Does it All Mean?

Naga Virtual has effectively created a liberal, open, independent, and legal trading place for game manufacturers and players! In terms of it’ potential influence, think of a combination between Amazon and eBay in one platform for virtual goods.

NAGA VIRTUAL’ aim is to solidify the first real, modern market in a fully-networked and standardized market. This ambitious aim is poised to be a solution to the financial hits games retailers suffer from virtual goods being traded on the black market. Of course, the protection of players from being unfairly exploited is also something NAGA VIRTUAL seems to be confident in doing.

Multi-platform networking – such as in the game Fortnite – has exposed the need for players to interact with the game and game network at all times. Above all, it has shown that the trading of virtual goods needs a little more definition. NAGA VIRTUAL is committed to providing a cross-platform answer to the flaws currently endured by players.

Players can avail of this combination of convenience and safety via their smartphone, PC or even TV without playing the game.

Katsunori Kondo, CEO of Asobimo, is excited about NAGA VIRTUAL’s achievement and further promises: “The implementation of Petite Chronicle Online into NAGA VIRTUAL marks a groundbreaking development towards a legal and open marketplace service for virtual goods. We will foster a good partnership with our visionary partner, NAGA. I am convinced that our success will create great waves within the gaming community”.

André Rupp, Director of Business Development at NAGA VIRTUAL, is ‘confident’ of pushing the development even further:

“We are very pleased with this groundbreaking step. In this way, we’ve made it possible for players of different games to trade their in-game items in a fair, safe and legal environment. We are highly confident that we will be able to get other well-known game manufacturers on board in the future.”


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