The Xbox One Elite Controller Now With More Choices

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Xbox One Elite Controller

The Xbox One Elite is known for it’s custom settings, now there’s another option from Microsoft and Scuf, who are offering the controllers in a bunch of colors and patterns.

You can’t go the full Xbox Design Lab route, but there are plenty of cosmetic options for you to choose from. Pick what you want: A carbon fiber pattern for the body, blue and purple trim rings around the thumbstick pods, pink face buttons and hot pink profile slider button. Or any other combination you want. You can get custom-designed thumbsticks, D-pads and lever setups too. It’s pretty sweet.

If you payed $150 for the gamepad already, those control levers, thumbsticks and D-pads will be available for sale too. You can even swap out the Elite’s default sidewall grips. You have to love all of the options this gives you. The controllers start at $149, and the accessory packs range from $30 to $40 and will be available sometime “soon.”

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