The Xbox Subscription After The Discontinuation of Games with Gold vs.The Playstation Plus Subscription

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Games with Gold vs.The Playstation Plus

Microsoft and Sony are big players in the electronic gaming world with their famous Xbox and PlayStation consoles. They have produced similar subscription packages for gaming console users with various games. While both offer a good gaming experience, the perks are slightly different.

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A Little About Both Subscriptions

The PlayStation Plus subscription is an essential subscription for PlayStation users that provides free games every month, along with a diverse library of online games. Similarly, the Xbox subscriptions offer a large variety of games, along with Games with a Gold Feature. This feature previously allowed users to get free new games from the selection of Microsoft games.

Playstation Plus

What’s New And How Is It likely To Effect Players?

Recently, Microsoft announced that it would no longer be offering the “Games with Gold” feature due to a certain limit on the games. Instead, users will now have to buy a “Game Pass” to access games added to the online gaming library.

The games that you downloaded to your console using the feature will remain, but new games will only be available with a purchase of a Game Pass. In contrast, PlayStation Plus still offers new games to play on your console. This gives a marketing edge to PlayStation 5 as the word “free” is now missing from the Xbox subscriptions.

A potential subscriber or customer is always more likely to get attracted if there are incentives in an offer. Common examples include free app trials like Netflix, Amazon, and other perks like free spins offered through online slot reviews in UK.

For example, when you have a large collection of slots to choose from and the provider allows free demo play, you can choose the best ones without losing any money. The iGaming industry is full of such promotions, thus attracting thousands of customers each day to the different casino sites. Adding additional games for free on a regular subscription contributes to the player’s satisfaction and improves the gaming experience.

For the players who enjoyed the Xbox 360 or Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, including “Games with Gold,” this new announcement would be a disappointing one. For a player, a new game is like an adventure ready to be taken. Having limited options to play can make the experience monotonous and boring.

PlayStation Plus has a more extensive library, so the players have more options to choose from. The library contains some all-time classic games that players can enjoy. Xbox gets a little edge only due to its flexibility of modes through which one can play the games, whereas the PlayStation is restricted to consoles only.

The introduction of a Game Pass instead of the Games with Gold Feature has certainly affected the appeal of the Xbox subscription. Players understandably will be more attracted to something that is free rather than something that they have to pay for. PlayStation Plus, with its more extensive gaming library and no pass for additional game downloads, sounds more attractive in this case.

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