The Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event Is Going On Until July 27th!

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Xbox Summer Game Fest

If you always want to play prerelease demos like the kind that would arrive at events like PAX or E3? Well, this is your chance with the Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event! From today until July 27th, nearly 100 demos are going to be available to download and get played for a ton of upcoming releases. All demos will be available from the Xbox One dashboard and games will be added throughout the week. The biggest games that are going to feature are Cris Tales, Destroy All Humans, and Bite the Bullet.

With COVID-19 still shutting down events, this is the best thing we could have hoped for to get preview access for new upcoming games. For anyone who hasn’t had an opportunity to try a pre-release demo before, I am thrilled for you all to experience this! Do note that many of these demos will be rough so you could surely experience crashes or a mixture of errors that wouldn’t normally be located in a post-release demo.



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