The Xbox Walkman Is Real, And It Plays Cassette Tapes

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Xbox Walkman

Back in December, Xbox DACH created a stir by running a competition to win an Xbox Walkman based on the Xbox Series S, and the device is now starting to go viral on social media.

This is an actual, functioning cassette player, and it even comes with a special Xbox Game Pass cassette filled with tracks from different Xbox and Bethesda games such as Halo Infinite and Fallout 76.

If you’re in the UK, a new competition has opened up to win one of these via Twitter!

As is usually the case with these limited edition giveaways, you can’t purchase the Xbox Walkman at present. We’re willing to bet there would be a huge market for these things, but sadly we’ll likely never find out.

If you’re frantic to get your hands on one, it might be worth keeping yourself glued to the various Xbox social media accounts in your region just in case a new competition comes up, although we’ve only seen the Xbox DACH one so far, and that was being announced back in December.

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