The xScreen Has Launched On Kickstarter

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UPspec Gaming was taking reservations on their website but has now officially launched their Kickstarter campaign!

It was obvious that they have built a lovely and unique product and we are not the only ones who loved the product, Kickstarter hit its goal of $9,739 (US) within 20 minutes of launching, and it’s doubled after only being open for a couple of hours!

The Kickstarter campaign highlights what’s to expect of the xScreen, its accessories, and when customers will get it! There are many tiers to choose from, each giving you the choice of getting the version best suited you. The more favorable the price, the more limited the reservation slots, so be sure to save yours sooner than later.

Tier details:

  • Pre-Launch Special – AUS$209/~US$159(SOLD OUT)

  • Super Early Bird – AUS$249/~US$189 (Very Limited Allocation, Selling fast)

  • Early Bird – AUS$259/~US$196(Limited Allocation)

  • Super Kickstarter Special – AUS$289/~US$219

Each of those tiers includes the xScreen, white latches, and Kickstarter green exclusive latches as well.

Aside from what’s included with your pledge, they also talk about the various colored clips that’ll be available as well as some other handy accessories. There’s the xScreen Stand Feet which enables the console to be stood up and the xScreen EVA Case which is created to hold the xScreen, the consoles, a controller, and a power cable.

UPspec is moving the product into tooling and beta testing. From there, its production/shipping and then delivery which is intended to start in January of 2022 and end up in February of 2022.

If you’re interested in the xScreen then be sure to check out their campaign.

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