The xScreen Is Shipping Out Soon!

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UPspec Gaming’s portable Xbox Series S screen, the xScreen, is shipping out in a few weeks. We have seen this company produce impressive prototypes, and now there is a final version of what consumers can get.

The announcement that was made on their end in news was that they’ve also designed a carrying case that can house your console, the xScreen, and all the things needed like a controller and cables!

Their newest endeavor was to really play Flight Simulator while on a real plane! It’s a very surreal experience that makes it an even more interesting feeling to know that anyone can try this out on their own in just a few months as these are delivered.

There is still some time to sign up for an xScreen over on UPspec’s PledgeManager page. The price is $249 and includes the xScreen itself and 2x white laches to keep your console safe.

The xScreen is scheduled to start shipping this December.

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