Theme Park Building Simulator PARK BEYOND Release Date Revealed

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Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to step into a world of amusement, wonder, and imagination as Limbic Entertainment and Bandai Namco have announced the release date for their highly anticipated theme park simulation game, Park Beyond. This game is set to revolutionize the theme park industry and bring to life the ultimate theme park experience like never before.

Park Beyond promises to be a game like no other, where players will have the opportunity to create their own theme park from scratch, design their own roller coasters, and bring their wildest dreams to life. From the colors of the attractions to the sounds that fill the air, Park Beyond allows players to fully customize every aspect of their theme park.

The release date for Park Beyond has been set for June 22, 2023. However, for those who can’t wait to get their hands on the game, the developers have announced an upcoming closed beta set to take place from May 9th to 19th. Players who participate in the closed beta will have the opportunity to unlock the golden skin for the “omnicar,” the vehicle used on roller coasters.

For those who are ready to lock in their copy of the game, pre-orders are now open. You can choose between the Standard Edition, Digital Deluxe VISIONEER Edition, and the Collector’s Physical Edition. Each set offers its own unique features, including exclusive flat rides, shops, entertainers, and decorative items.

But wait, there’s more! The PAC-MAN™ Impossification Set is available for pre-order and offers even more exclusive content for players. This set includes a variety of PAC-MAN™ themed attractions, shops, entertainers, and decorations that will bring a new level of nostalgia and excitement to your theme park.

With Park Beyond, the possibilities are endless, and the imagination is limitless. Get ready to embark on the ultimate theme park adventure, and let your creativity run wild.

Digital Deluxe VISIONEER Edition

  • Base game

  • ZOMBEYOND Impossification Set

  • Park Beyond: Annual Pass – a Season Pass including 3 upcoming DLCs

  • Annual Pass Bonus Coaster Car Set with 5 exclusive car skins

Collector’s Physical Edition

  • Base game

  • Collector’s Box

  • Steelbook

  • Omnicar Desk figurine

  • Artbook

  • Poster

  • Lanyard & staff badge

  • Postcards

  • Stickers

  • BEYOND SEAS Set (DLC codes)

Park Beyond is set to release on June 16th on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

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