These N64 Game Cartridge As Guitar Pedals

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N64 Game Cartridge

Console Pedals is a Chicago-based person who has combined Nintendo 64 cartridges and guitar pedals to create effects pedals that look like N64 game cartridges. You end up with pedals like The Legend of Fuzz, Distortion with a picture of DOOM 64 on it, and there are a lot more. There are digital effects and analog effects to attract everyone and they are cartridges. You have to put them in a base in order to actually use them, but that’s part of their appeal. It means you don’t have to disorder with wires as much as you can adjust the order of the effects just by taking out the cartridges. These are really cool, and you can watch them in action below courtesy of Emily Hopkins you can place an order through Etsy with each cartridge running $60 to $80 plus the cost for a base.

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