These PS5’s New Controllers Are Major DualSense Alternatives

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PS5's New Controllers

PS5’s DualSense controller is brilliant, it’s been the only realistic option to enjoy PlayStation 5 games over the past year. But that changes now with the Scuf Reflex, a new line of controllers that’s available to buy directly from Scuf. You have three models to pick from Reflex, Reflex Pro, and Reflex FPS.

These Reflex wireless controllers have some differences between them, they have some features that are aimed at those who either play multiplayer games or just want a more customizable way to the game. Each Reflex controller has 4 removable back paddles that can be remapped on the fly. You can save three custom profiles to use for particular games, tune the control schemes to your liking.

All Reflex controllers also have faceplates that you can remove and it will allow you to swap faceplate colors as well as thumbsticks. The default sticks are created for durability and deliver a better grip. You can swap out the thumbsticks for long, short, concave, and domed options. Just like the DualSense, the Reflex controllers have internal batteries and you can charge via USB-C.

The Scuf Reflex is available in black right now, but more color options are in the pipeline, including red, blue, orange, gray, and white.

The standard Reflex controller costs $200 and comes with all of the features outlined above as well as the PS5’s adaptive triggers. Meanwhile, the Reflex Pro ($230) adds a brilliant grip on the handles. The Reflex FPS is the most expensive of the bunch at $260. In addition to the high-performance grip, the FPS delivers instant triggers and bumpers–trigger locks–to help make you quicker when firing weapons in games. Since the Reflex FPS has instant triggers, it doesn’t have the adaptive trigger technology like the other two.

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