They Shall Not Pass BATTLEFIELD 1’s Expansion Is Free Right Now

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Battlefield 1

The Battlefield 1 developers just announced on their official website that the They Shall Not Pass expansion, which was released last year, will be free to all players on the PC and consoles until May 14. This is a good time if you want to play that expansion without having to pay for it so make sure you download it now before the time runs out as the DLC was priced at $15.

The DLC introduces four new maps set in France and also includes a new mode called Frontlines, six unlockable weapons, a couple of new Operations, a new Behemoth, and the Trench Raider elite class. Of course, as it is an expansion, the They Shall Not Pass DLC would require you to own the base game for you to access it.

Three additional expansions, which are currently not free, is also available for Battlefield 1. DICE mentioned in a blog post that they will start to slow down the frequency of game updates. However, DICE will introduce one last mode called Shock Operations, which is somewhat similar to Operations mode but will focus on a single map instead. The upcoming mode will be playable on Giant’s Shadow, Lupkow Pass, Price de Tahure, River Somme, and Zeebrugge maps.

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